Friday, January 29, 2010

My Favorites

I recently discover Linda Hunt's beautiful paintings on Etsy. They are all wonderful and I've been keeping my eye out for a favorite...

This one of the South Carolina marsh was the winner. I haven't found a home for it yet, but it's lovely just like this on the kitchen bar! Any suggestions for framing? Something simple for sure.

Here are a few more examples of her beautiful work...

Now, how can you choose just one?? I know I'll be back for more! Check out her store here! I'm willing to bet she'll become one of your favorites too!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Outdoor Seating

I'm brainstorming ideas for an outdoor seating area. Something simple, not too fancy, cozy, but little or no upkeep required. I want it to just 'fit' into the landscape, like it was there all along! All of these seem to fit the description...

This one may be my favorite!;)
*All images courtesy of Cottage Living

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fabulous Finds!

I've been dog earing pages in magazines, shopping around, and searching online for a rug. While I was in Jefferson on my day off Monday I decided to check out Real Deal's rug department. Real Deals is the old mill turned shopping's humongous and full of Real Deals! I hadn't been to the Rug part of it yet; so Mom and I headed over to see what we've been missing. It is full of all types, shapes, and sizes of rugs and carpeting. I found two, this one for my den and another for my bedroom! The one in the picture is a Drury rug made in India. All this time I've had my eye out for a Pottery Barn type know the non-descript, but classic look, (which I do love, btw). But, when I saw this one it was love at first sight;) What do you think of it, do you love it too?!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Flowers By Posy

Here are some photos of the flowers for the wedding from this past weekend. Please excuse my photography skills...these pictures do not do justice to how they looked in person!

Bride's Bouquet

Groom's Boutonierre

Bridesmaids' Bouquet

The last 3 pictures are the arrangements at the Rehearsal Dinner at Trumps. These arrangements were moved to the Reception location for Saturday night. I think that's a great idea to use the arrangements for both events. We've done several events where the rehearsal dinner flowers are "fluffed" and used for the reception the next night. Pretty economical if you ask me!

If you are in need of beautiful fresh flowers for any future occasions contact Posy with Flowers by Posy at (706)367-8393.

Friday, January 15, 2010


This weekend I'll be doing flowers with my mother for a wedding...and wishing my hydrangeas will be this beautiful this summer...Have a great 3 day weekend!

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Ella Caroline, born October 22,2009 and Posy Ann, born November 13, 2009

Their first Christmas in matching outfits from Grandmother Posy! Ella on the left and Posy Ann is on the right.

Ella came to visit her new cousin, Posy Ann who was born just 3 weeks after her! They are going to have so much fun growing up!

Ella and her Grandfather at the hospital welcoming Posy Ann!

Cousins Posy Ann, Caylee, and Ella at their first family Christmas together in matching outfits from their cousin, Paige. Caylee is one day older than Ella...who would've imagined 3 baby girls born so close together in our family!! Needless to say it was a FUN Christmas;)

Great Papa with Posy Ann...Pop is 92 years and 10 days older than Posy Ann! He was really pulling for one of the girls to share his birthday with him...almost!

Grandmother Posy and her sleeping beauties! Are they not the cutest??! I had to share my excitement of being an Aunt!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Blank Canvas...

This is a wall in my den that I can't seem to get right...and I didn't realize how bad it really was until I took this picture! I think adding something to either side of the painting will help balance it out. Or does the bench look too small under the painting? A cushion is in the works for the bench which will soften the whole look. Or should I start all over? What is missing?

I could add LOTS more framed photos...

Or more photos in the same colors and change the wall color...

Or, keep it really SIMPLE...

But, I think I'm leaning toward MORE not less...

I really LOVE this look! Guess I need to do some plate shopping! How good would some old white ironstone china look?!

Any ideas to help me fill my blank canvas?!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

10 Gardening Resolutions for 2010

I came across the following resolutions on the website,, Enjoy!

1. Understand you share your garden with many creatures that need food and shelter.
Well, about the only other creature, besides my dog Lucy that I care about feeding are the birds! I have a bird feeder I try to keep full and got a bird bath for Christmas. So, I'm willing to share my garden with Birds...and really that's it!

2. Plant Natives.
One of my Birthday presents was a book of Georgia Native Plants...Perfect!

3. Remove Invasives
Working on it!

4. Enroll in a Gardening Course.
I've been eyeing a few the Botanical Gardens is offering this Spring.

5. Donate Excess Produce.
I like this idea, but don't think I'll be quite at the level of donating this year!!

6. Buy Gardening Accessories.
Another Birthday present was Lowe's gift cards!!

7. Change your garden's appearance.
This is one of my personal 2010 resolutions!!

8. Plant heirloom flowers and veggies.
I consider my style to be I think this is a great resolution for the garden!

9. Practice less poisonous plant disease and insect controls.

10. Buy Local.
I'm a member of, it's local farms that have their produce for sale. I like to buy some of my veggies there each week!

Bring on 2010!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Herb Gardening

I am planning to have an herb garden this year. I cleared out an old bed by the back door this fall. I think it will be the perfect spot for herbs, right outside the kitchen...not to mention it will smell delightful! The photo above is some of Bunny Williams' work. It's a little out of my league, but I can dream, right?!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Everything in it's Place and a Place for Everything

I'm a big fan of organization. I'm not a fan of clutter. My house is small and clutter happens way too quickly! I love bookshelves and the personality they can bring to a room...Books can be a "conversation piece" too. I'm considering having some shelves built, but I'm undecided about where? I've got a good collection, but I'm always adding to it, here are a few I've had my eye on...

*Picture above from

I like these shelves that are just 'tucked away.'

You could spend all day looking through this wall-full of books!

And, cozy up here on a rainy day....

I love these bamboo shelves...and probably will be what I start my shelves endeavor with!

I love this fresh look and having shelves close to the kitchen to store your cookbooks!

*All other images via

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

The weather in Athens is calling for SNOW tonight and possibly tomorrow!! This picture is from the huge snowstorm we had last year!

I had to leave my trees up just a little longer for the winter months. That framed picture is the photo above! Until it starts falling, we'll have our own winter wonderland indoors...

and keep looking outdoors for the Snow!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Fresh Beginnings

A new year is here and #1 on my Resolution list is to keep my blog updated!! I've been very inconsistent, but I plan to be quite the opposite this year. I began my blog more for personal track my progress at my new home. The progress this winter has been about like my blogging has been, at least outdoors! My favorite changes I've made inside are my new chandelier and my bright pink bathroom!

I've been infatuated with this chandelier from Pottery Barn for quite a long time and when it went on sale I snatched it up. My patient brother, Tommy helped with the installation and with the dimmer, (I installed!) it looks great!

The pink in my bathroom is a great contrast to the green and yellow tile and gives just the pop I was looking for! Painting is the quickest way to transform a room.I 'm debating on this color, Borrowed Light from Benjamen Moore or a lighter shade for my next bedroom! Doesn't this color just make make you feel peaceful and content?