Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I added some things to my compost yesterday after over a week of neglect. As I was stirring it all up, I noticed DIRT and WORMS!! I got so excited to see my compost pile is actually working! I got the idea from my mom of building a worm bed/compost pile. Mine is on a smaller scale from what she built, but seems to be okay. We used concrete blocks from my yard and I have a glass cover, (that came off the cistern in my yard) to keep unwanted things out. I can't wait to use some of my own soil!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

So, obviously I'm not living up to my title of 'Daily' nesting on here, but I'll try to catch up! It rained for the past week here, so I've been surveying the way water runs in my yard;) I cannot wait to get gutters! It's funny the things that excite and interest me these days...like a moisture barrier for my crawl space or the right kind of weed killer for monkey grass or getting my termite bond done or how to go about making a new parking space...
I've made some progress in the back. Dug up all the terrible weeds that had taken over part of the fence line. And I transplanted some rose plants there and lots of bulbs. Oh the bulbs are everywhere! It seems everywhere I dig a little bulb(s) appears just waiting for its time to shine. I'm torn about where to plant them though. Because everything is in limbo with what to do and when I'm going to have help with some major jobs, a lot is on hold for now. I have a vision of the way I want it, I just have a few or several obstacles. I'm trying to relax and enjoy the slow progress and appreciate the journey. With some unique planters and whiskey barrels I want to make an entrance into the backyard. I'm thinking potted hydrangeas, boxwoods with some perennials mixed in. I really like the picture posted above!
I'm really dreading the fast approaching time change and the dent it's going to put in my outside time in the yard. But, I am looking forward to cooler weather and the leaves changing! Maybe I can take a weekend off for a hike in the mountains soon...

Thursday, September 10, 2009


I purchased my first home on July 15, 2009! I still have to take a deep breath to calm myself each time I say it outloud. I knew the minute I went to see the house I wanted it, and as crazy as it sounds it was the yard that sold me...you will understand this if you've seen my yard! It is definatly a project and a project is something I've been looking for for quite a while. The feeling that this is my own and I can be as creative as I want is so refreshing. Though I must admit how overwhelming it can be as well. A lady lived in this house for 20+ years and was an avid gardner. She was also obsessed with concrete blocks, they are everywhere!! They are used as pathways, to make raised beds, water diverters, and apparantly just whatever she wanted! I cannot tell you how many blocks I've dug up; nor do I want to go there myself, and there are oh so many more to go! But, it's all in the journey right? Unfortunatly, she grew ill (or crazy!) and the yard is now horribly overgrown. But, I'm having fun working in it every chance I get, constantly saying to myself, 'Slowly but surely'. My yard has come to be a project for my family as well! Thankfully, they are all willing to help me any way they can. I found the above picture online, it's an inspiration of my garden to be! I'll upload some pictures of my house and yard soon!