Thursday, February 25, 2010

Smart and Small

My kitchen, much like this one featured in House Beautiful, is small...and I'd like to think it's Smart as well!
I like the look of shelving instead of cabinets, but then again I know how unorganized my cabinets can become and love that you never know it unless you open them up! The color of the lower cabinets is great and just blends right in. I'm getting ready to paint my own. I'm leaning toward a gray/blue color with something similar to this white semitransparant glaze on them.

I'm in LOVE with this small farmhouse sink! And the faucet too! In my next home I will have a farmhouse sink;)

As small as this kitchen may be they still found room for great accesories, like this woven tray to organize everyday items. It's got me thinking of a place to put my bamboo tray on my counter at home! Adding your own unique touches can make any room homey and inviting.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

On the hunt...

I want to refinish an old 4 drawer chest, but I need some inspiration with some new drawer pulls...

It is currently an ugly green color and I want to paint it white and rough up the edges a bit. This pink would look pretty...maybe?

I really like this one too of twisted vines...

And, really love this one! The chest is in my bedroom now...mainly because it won't fit anywhere else. But, this pull would go with everything in my bedroom or out. I found all of these at Anthropologie. They seem to be the only place with cute/different kinds of drawer you have any suggestions of other place I can look??

Monday, February 22, 2010

Curb Appeal

This walkway is lined with lavender plants, wouldn't that smell yummy?!

The beautiful weather this weekend, daffodils beginning to bloom, and HGTV's Curb Appeal the Block has me itching to vamp up my very unappealing curb!

Friday, February 19, 2010


I know I've been MIA, but here are some happy pictures just in time for the weekend to begin...finally!!! The forecast is calling for sunny skies!!!
All pictures are courtesy of PinkWallpaper.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

My friend from DailyClassic helped design her company's, Dargan Landscapes, booth. Don't you love this entryway?

I really liked the layout of the stones in the pathway. They used all different sizes which made it interesting and the colors blended so well with the wood from the arbor. Planted in between the stones was a combination of wheat grass, violas and moss. The violas were a great touch and would come back each year! Dargan Landscapes also carries custom made outdoor furniture, you can check it out here and get lost in a few of the garden tours available on their website. I'm sure you'll love it all too!

Aren't the colors of the stone great? I can't remember what type it is, but I would love to use it for a pathway or sitting area. All the bright colored tulips and hyacinths has me dreaming of Spring!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

More from the SE Flower Show...

Jeez...I'm so embarrassed by these pictures, but I had to share them anyway...please don't judge me;) They are from Farmer D Organics' exhibit. I loved everything about this booth.
I really like the simplicity of this arbor. It looks like something I could put together! It is built with Western Red Cedar, and the beds built around the base is a great look!

This was a tiered raised bed, also built out of cedar. It was almost perfect height so you wouldn't have to bend over so far to pick the veggies on top!

This raised bed is a great example of utilizing a small amount of space. I'm filing these pictures away for future use in my own garden! And, do you know what the best part is? You can buy these raised beds to go at and get bundles of great info on organic and sustainable gardening at!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Flower Show Recap

I loved this one! You can't tell by the picure, but it was full of Lenton Roses and Euphorbia at the base of the statue. Beautiful!!

This Asparagus Fern plant won 1st was humongous!!! I have more pictures I'll post this week. I apologize for my poor photography skills, they don't give credit to how great these displays were! Stay tuned for more pics!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Rain, rain go away!

All of this rain has got me thinking...

Of a way to capture it for when it's not so rainy. How cool would one of these old wine barrels look in your yard?

During the drought a couple of years ago, my Mom got one of these old whiskey barrels to capture rain water for her yard. It looks great too, just blends right in.

I thought this was a neat idea...just not digging the plastic.

And, another old wine barrel. I wonder if you can get the barrel delivered full of wine...or whiskey and then reuse it? That'd be one way to pass the time on these dreary days!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Southeastern Flower Show

The Southeastern Flower Show is this weekend in Atlanta. I went last year for the first time and LOVED it! It is amazing what these vendors create. They bring in all materials and construct these beautiful displays to show off their talents to the public. I'm excited to be inspired for my own (neglected) yard. Here are a few pictures from 2009's show...

Purchase your tickets at Hope to see you there!!

*Photos from the Southeastern Flower Show website